Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corinne Is Shaving Her Head

Dear Family & Friends,

You heard it right! I am teaming with St. Baldricks and shaving my head in an effort to raise $3,000 for childhood cancer research by October 9th.

Did you know that every 3 1/2 minutes a child in the U.S. is diagnosed with cancer?

Cancer has affected my life in many ways. My first experience with childhood cancer was a few years ago when I cared for a little boy named Cooper in our home. When Cooper was just 8 months old, he was diagnosed with Retinomablastoma (retina cancer). He underwent many treatments and the eventual surgical removal of his left eye. Fortunately the cancer was discovered before spreading to his other eye and brain. Today Cooper is a healthy 1st grader and still the best buddy to my son Carter. I am so grateful to know Cooper and his amazing family.

The experience of caring for Cooper after his first surgery still impacts me today as a mother. The truth is that every day we hold our healthy kids, another parent holds a sick or dying child. As more people I love are being diagnosed with cancer, I have wondered what I can do make an impact. After much thought, I have chosen to do my part by teaming with an amazing organization called St. Baldricks. In short, St. Baldricks raises money to fund essential cancer research. By donating to St. Baldricks, your money is directly used to fund cancer research. In return, well, I am going bald...

In two weeks, after raising as much funds as I can, I will hold my breath as a dear friend shaves my head. Yikes! The thought is a little terrifying and very overwhelming. But I am confident that my emotions are nothing compared to the fear and anxiety young cancer patients feel when they lose their hair. The difference- those children do not have a choice.

Now that's where you come in. My goal is to raise $3,000 in 2 weeks, by October 9th. Will you help me reach my goal and even surpass it? Please, please consider donating to St. Baldricks. ANY size donation is appreciated!

To visit my web page and to make a tax deductible donation, click HERE.

I will also be donating the locks from the top of my head (the hair at least 8 inches long) to Beautiful Lengths. My hair will then be used to a create wig for a cancer patient. Beautiful Lengths is an organization that partners with the American Cancer Society.

Please spread the word by telling your friends, families, and coworkers about my goal and how they can help. Feel free to pass along this letter to anyone who might be interested. My shave date of October 9th is coming quickly!


Corinne Hilton