Sunday, January 10, 2010

December Visit from Grandma Rhonda

Grandma Rhonda came to town in December. She came to help me find some sanity before the holidays. My to do list was rather ambitious but we were able to tackle some big projects! You know your mom loves you when she scrubs your nasty refrigerator, does loads and loads of laundry, makes you meals, bakes your kids delicious Christmas cookies while also listening to all of your problems....we love and appreciate you Mom! Here are some pictures from her visit...
Master cookie makers.
Master waffle makers.
A master cheerio eater.
Carter demonstrating a "Nephite pose" before our church "Christmas in America's" party. Don't you love the look on Tay's face!

We went to see the Washington D.C. Temple Christmas lights with Grandma & our friends the Holmgrens. It was cold that night but good times were had!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful memories we made that week! I miss you all so much. Grandma R

Jaimee said...

Moms are great, aren't they? I would go insane on a daily basis without mine around I think.