Monday, December 07, 2009

I Never Thought

Six years ago when I was busy snuggling my newborn... it never crossed my mind that I would eventually be saying things like...

"If you shoot the Christmas tree one more time...." or

"If you shoot your sister one more time..." or

"If you make that noise one more time..." or


In other news...Ashton is pulling up on furniture and crawling up the stairs. And Tay is starting to wear clothes again.


ej said...

How about telling Aly to please quit velcro-ing the poor little plush wise man to her bum... better than Mary or Baby Jesus I guess :)

Lisa O said...

I never thought I would pull a 1" plastic light bright piece out of my two year old's nose. That's what happened at our house yesterday. These kiddos keep us on our toes!

Jaimee said...

I think my favorite that's come out of my mouth is "Stop eating your high chair."