Thursday, December 17, 2009

Family Pow Wow

Carter, Tay, and I were talking the other day about family meetings. I was trying to explain that a family council is the same as a family meeting and since Carter learned about Native Americans at school last month, I tried to use an Indian chief circle as an example of a council of people who make decisions together....

M: Carter, remember Indians?
C: Yes
M: You know how you had a pow wow at school and everyone sat in a circle and talked about really important stuff?
C: Yes
M: So, that is an Indian circle right? You had a meeting...
C: (very impatient and he's told me this a hundred times) Mom. I don't know anything about Indians! You have to talk to Smera about that.

Smera lives down the street from us. She's in Carter's kindergartner class...she is in...her family is from India.

I couldn't help but giggle at Carter. Then I re explained everything using the words Native American and had we had a lovely pow wow. In our little family meeting we discussed having a media free week before Christmas. I then had to explain that in some family meetings there are no votes....the Chief decides.

Then Carter proceeded to karate chop me with his lightning fast 6 year old arm blades.

And then I had to explain to him that Indians...I mean Native Americans didn't karate chop their enemies.

My kids are going to grow up to be very culturally diverse.

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