Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Taste of Summer

I have had these photos staring at me on my desktop for a couple of months now. My hopes of clever posts and reminiscent stories are long gone. When I find the USB cord to our other camera, I'll have even more to post. Better late than never seems to be my life theme...

Carter at the BMX track.

Tay enjoyed the mogul hills at the track.

Ashton learned how to roll and grab while in Idaho.

My sassy Taylor spent some time up here at Grandma's house...the best naughty/time out spot is one they can't get down from!

Ashton relaxing in the shade.

We spent a lot time playing in water.

Tay thought fireworks were a little loud.

Carter played with a gun of some sort ALL summer.

He also liked to ride his bike in swim trunks and farm boots at 7:00 a.m. on most days.

Tay & Carter loved swim lessons. 92 degree, salt water pool...need I say more?

We played a ton with great friends!

Ashton grew and grew.

Isn't Idaho lovely?


Vince said...

I am glad the kids had so much fun! We sure enjoyed seeing you, and its fun to see the kids growing up too!


kelly said...

love the pictures of the kids. so cute. that baby of yours is so sweet and fuzzy. blog maintenance pressure is craziness. it sure is nice once the deed is done though.