Friday, October 23, 2009

Good Reads

In the quiet of the night or nap time I like to read. Some times I read a book for fun. Some times I do research on health related topics, a couple of which I am struggling with. Some times I read the news, but not very often because it usually makes me grumpy. Some times I make my self a treat or pour a large glass of cold delicious water and snuggle in with my laptop. I pull up my favorite blogs and enjoy being a part of the lives of others. It is so much better than tv I might add. There are several that I enjoy but I thought I would share just a few....

1. Nei Nei Dialogues. This blog is about strength of character, faith, and true love. Take an hour and read through the archives- you'll be inspired! My favorite is when Stephanie writes about her husband Mr. Nielson. True love does exist people!

2. C Jane Enjoy It. This blog is written by Nei's older sister. It is funny and thoughtful.

3. SouleMama. This mama knits. I don't knit and probably never will. But Soula Mama shares funny stories about her family and beautiful pictures as well. She is a crafty one, that Soula Mama. And by that I mean, she makes crafts. I was never blessed with craftiness but sometimes I like to pretend I was. Maybe one of these days I'll take a picture of what I mean -that will give you a good chuckle!

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Vince said...

I too love to read and don't have the option of TV! So, I have loved my to help keep track of everything I want or have already read.

I mostly read for entertainment purposes though, I haven't graduated into being a "smart" reader yet! :)