Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October

October 1st. Still no summer blog posts. BUT my favorite Virginia season is upon us. The temperature is cooling, the colors are changing, and Halloween decorations have been up for a week now (Carter LOVES pulling out the next holiday's decorations early).

It is nap time at the Hilton home and I am having me time at the computer. Tay is sacked out from feeling yucky (thank you Carter's kindergarten germs!), Carter is asleep because he can't play outside until he too is feeling better, and Ashton is squealing a way in his crib. He isn't napping much this week- teething and a little grumpy...but still squealing in his crib. On Tuesday September 29th, Ashton cut his very first tooth. It was also the day Carter tied his shoe first time by himself. Tuesday was one of those days that I wanted to make time stop so I could enjoy my little ones just a little bit longer. It is going oh so fast.
Three years ago this month we moved from Richmond VA to our lovely little neighborhood in northern Virginia. Come with me as I dive into our family archives...the Hilton family at Cox Farm, fall 03


Lisa O said...

Oh, how I am missing my East coast Fall! Thanks for making me homesick today Corinne. :) I completely understand what you mean about wanting to stop time. Myles just got his first pair of lace up sneakers. He hasn't quite mastered them yet, but everytime I see him in those big boy shoes I just want to give him a big squeeze and tell him to stay little.

And we finally have internet in our new house- hooray!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute picture! I miss you so much. I miss Virginia too.