Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carter's Deep Question

Ashton is babbling a ton right now. He is a TALKER. When we are in the car and he is jibber jabbering away, I tell Carter and Tay what he is talking about. Every day I make up something new that Ashton is trying to explain or teach us....like how to fix things, what good manners are, how to carve a pumpkin, etc. Well yesterday I told them that Ashton was trying to tell us about heaven, after all his spirit was most recently there compared to ours...and of course, Tay and Carter laughed and giggled about it as much as the time when Ashton shared his top secret chocolate chip cookie recipe...but later Carter was far away in thought...

Carter: "Mom, how old will Ashton be when he is alive after he is dead?"

Me: "Good question, Carter. I am not sure."

This is my answer for most of his tough nearly 6 year old questions...but seriously, what a great question about the resurrection! I am glad the gospel plan is simple. It makes parenting a lot easier even when I don't know all of the answers.


The Booth's said...

That Carter... He's a smart one. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great question! He is a smarty pants isn't he. He is very clever. It won't be long before he'll be explaining Ashton's babbling as well.
Grandma Rhonda

kelly said...

now the key is to keep them asking all the good questions

Hannah said...

You are such an awesome mom. I love that you tell Carter and Tay what Ashton is saying...what a fun idea.

And I love kid's questions. That's really why I stay around them all day. They make me laugh!