Friday, October 30, 2009

Tay's Not So Deep Question

Tay: "Why do piggies have flues in kinda-god-en?" (some times Tay sound like she is a New York mobster)

Mom: "Hm. Piggies?"

Tay: "Yah- piggy germs"

Mom: "They just do." (don't you love the motherly wisdom pouring out of my mouth)

Tay: "Wees live like piggies, Mommy." (has she heard that one from me?)

Tay: "I need to find my piggy costume."

Mom: "Tay- you've been up for 3 hours and you're already on your 5th change of clothes!"

Not a word from Tay...she is on her way upstairs to find something to turn into a piggy costume.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carter's Deep Question

Ashton is babbling a ton right now. He is a TALKER. When we are in the car and he is jibber jabbering away, I tell Carter and Tay what he is talking about. Every day I make up something new that Ashton is trying to explain or teach how to fix things, what good manners are, how to carve a pumpkin, etc. Well yesterday I told them that Ashton was trying to tell us about heaven, after all his spirit was most recently there compared to ours...and of course, Tay and Carter laughed and giggled about it as much as the time when Ashton shared his top secret chocolate chip cookie recipe...but later Carter was far away in thought...

Carter: "Mom, how old will Ashton be when he is alive after he is dead?"

Me: "Good question, Carter. I am not sure."

This is my answer for most of his tough nearly 6 year old questions...but seriously, what a great question about the resurrection! I am glad the gospel plan is simple. It makes parenting a lot easier even when I don't know all of the answers.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Good Reads

In the quiet of the night or nap time I like to read. Some times I read a book for fun. Some times I do research on health related topics, a couple of which I am struggling with. Some times I read the news, but not very often because it usually makes me grumpy. Some times I make my self a treat or pour a large glass of cold delicious water and snuggle in with my laptop. I pull up my favorite blogs and enjoy being a part of the lives of others. It is so much better than tv I might add. There are several that I enjoy but I thought I would share just a few....

1. Nei Nei Dialogues. This blog is about strength of character, faith, and true love. Take an hour and read through the archives- you'll be inspired! My favorite is when Stephanie writes about her husband Mr. Nielson. True love does exist people!

2. C Jane Enjoy It. This blog is written by Nei's older sister. It is funny and thoughtful.

3. SouleMama. This mama knits. I don't knit and probably never will. But Soula Mama shares funny stories about her family and beautiful pictures as well. She is a crafty one, that Soula Mama. And by that I mean, she makes crafts. I was never blessed with craftiness but sometimes I like to pretend I was. Maybe one of these days I'll take a picture of what I mean -that will give you a good chuckle!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Lovies

I just realized I never posted more pictures that the amazing Heather H. took of the kids this summer! Ashton was 4 months at the time and Tay had just turned 3 years old. It is amazing how they have all grown since then....aren't my kids adorable?!

September Pictures

I think my kids are amazing. Even on days when they are oh so naughty and driving me CRAZY, they melt my heart, make me laugh till I want to cry, and help me appreciate all of the many little things that Heavenly Father has blessed me with. These pictures do a great job of reflecting their funny, sweet, happy, some times frustrating, and lovable personalities...

This picture was snapped after Carter was found snorkeling in the sink.

Mommy & Tay out for a walk with our babies.

"Mom, take a picture of my bum bum!" (now repeat this 10 times)

Ashton is so squishy and sweet!

Oh my Carter, you are growing up in every way.

Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy needs a hair cut.

Street kids. No yard necessary.

"Mom, look at me!" (now repeat this 50 times)

1st Day of Kindergarten

My big boy is a kindergartner! September 8th was a bitter sweet day for both of us I think. Carter was a little apprehensive about getting on the correct bus when it was time to come home at 11 am but when he stepped off that bus, the right bus, he was full of confidence and excitement for the next day. He loves his teacher Miss Franklin, and is thrilled when his class get extra minutes to play outside.

All of the kindergartners were so cute with their little classroom signs. They wore their signs for the first full week until they were comfortable finding their classrooms by themselves. At our bus stop were several very excited but NERVOUS little turtles and lions.

A Taste of Summer

I have had these photos staring at me on my desktop for a couple of months now. My hopes of clever posts and reminiscent stories are long gone. When I find the USB cord to our other camera, I'll have even more to post. Better late than never seems to be my life theme...

Carter at the BMX track.

Tay enjoyed the mogul hills at the track.

Ashton learned how to roll and grab while in Idaho.

My sassy Taylor spent some time up here at Grandma's house...the best naughty/time out spot is one they can't get down from!

Ashton relaxing in the shade.

We spent a lot time playing in water.

Tay thought fireworks were a little loud.

Carter played with a gun of some sort ALL summer.

He also liked to ride his bike in swim trunks and farm boots at 7:00 a.m. on most days.

Tay & Carter loved swim lessons. 92 degree, salt water pool...need I say more?

We played a ton with great friends!

Ashton grew and grew.

Isn't Idaho lovely?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October

October 1st. Still no summer blog posts. BUT my favorite Virginia season is upon us. The temperature is cooling, the colors are changing, and Halloween decorations have been up for a week now (Carter LOVES pulling out the next holiday's decorations early).

It is nap time at the Hilton home and I am having me time at the computer. Tay is sacked out from feeling yucky (thank you Carter's kindergarten germs!), Carter is asleep because he can't play outside until he too is feeling better, and Ashton is squealing a way in his crib. He isn't napping much this week- teething and a little grumpy...but still squealing in his crib. On Tuesday September 29th, Ashton cut his very first tooth. It was also the day Carter tied his shoe first time by himself. Tuesday was one of those days that I wanted to make time stop so I could enjoy my little ones just a little bit longer. It is going oh so fast.
Three years ago this month we moved from Richmond VA to our lovely little neighborhood in northern Virginia. Come with me as I dive into our family archives...the Hilton family at Cox Farm, fall 03