Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today Ashton is 7 months old...

Two months! I can't believe it has been two months since I posted last. Not good my friends. Not good. There is so much to write about that is is overwhelming to begin- the rest of our Boise trip, our adventure home to Virginia, end of summer delights in the neighborhood, how Ashton has grown and changed, Carter's very first day of kindergarten....and how Tay is coping with all of it.

As I write this, Carter is playing outside (which around here outside means the street) with a friend...with out a grown up might I add. Taylor and Ashton are taking their afternoon naps. I just had a bowl of cereal for lunch and I am looking around at my messy house thinking some one really should clean this up. When the littles wake up it will be time for snacks and outside play. Tonight Drew will be at soccer practice- he's coaching Carter's team- with Carter and Tay. Ashton and I will be at back to school night, then it will be bed time for all. I am still getting up with kids between 3 and 6 times a night...I am tired, exhausted, depleted. I am fog that drifts from room to room. Luckily it is mostly Ashton who is up. He likes his mama. I like him too. He is pure delight.

Please keep checking in my friends. I really do want to get this blog updated. I really do.


Jaimee said...

It's amazing how quickly things get busy, isn't it? I say forget the house and just enjoy your little cutie!

Lynette said...

Hang in there, Corinne!