Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Do Lists

Ha! I bet you checking in were thinking you were about to view pictures of my adorable littles....not so, not so.

I have been thinking a lot about to do lists this morning. It is amazing how some days I can accomplish so much....I am close to solving world hunger and the American health care woes and on other days I am absolutely pleased with myself if my kids were fed and clothed (or at least had clothes on for some part of the day....Tay is still a little streaker).

Today is Wednesday and I have exactly one week until October begins. The following is a list of things I want to finish before September runs out...

-paint the inside of the laundry closet
-put up shelves in the laundry closet
-post & and hopefully sell some things on craigslist
-install a hanging shelf in the garage
-figure out a home office area once and for all (this topic deserves its own blog entry)
-make a mei tai so I can carry Ashton around on my back (the hiking backpack just won't due for times like cooking dinner and scrubbing toilets)....or order an Ergo (nice but pricey)
-buy a new lense for my camera (currently watching a couple on ebay)
-update this stinking blog with pictures from the summer!
-attend the temple (planned for Saturday morning)
-make a few very important phone calls and appointments
-finish some research that I have been working on regarding a few health topics (also deserving of a separate blog post)

What do you want to accomplish before October begins?



Jody said...

Wow. I can't even imagine life with 3 kids. I only have one, and you know what my goals consist of? Showering every day. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello friend! I have a long list of stuff to do before September is gone too. I can help you make a mei tai if you like. I am also thinking about doing a mei tai give away on my pumpkin patch blog. Are you interested? If no one enters but you, you win! Call me. We can work it out. Hope you are well and happy. I love you girl.

Evan and Laura Version 3.5 said...

I would love to sew some bibs and burp cloths for this baby boy!

The Booth's said...

I have a friend who makes some beautiful carriers. Let me know if you would like her Etsy address. Or, check into for some great handmade carriers. :)

Hannah said...

To do lists save me, but can also destroy me. I find as a mom I sometimes get so obsessed with being able to say I did SOMETHING, when I'm already doing what's most important! So, I can't live without them, but sometimes I wish I could!

Speaking of which, you need to add one more thing to the list -- hang out with me! (although I guess that will happen first week in Oct). I'll call tomorrow and we can set a date!