Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tay turns 3!

On June 22th my baby girl turned 3! We threw a "pink party" for her and her uncle Tom (who also celebrates a June birthday). We had pink cups, plates, balloons, cupcakes, etc. She wore a special crown and pink feather boa while party attendants wore sparkly crowns too. It was a special day for a special girl!
This is a classic picture of she spends most days partially naked. One afternoon I found her quietly playing in Grandma Rhonda's kitchen. She was wearing her undies, my skirt, a baby teether for a crown and was pushing a truck around on the tile floor. I love this little girl!


Jroo said...

That's my Tay!!! All the while playing w/ a monster truck.

Hannah said...

I love the teether crown. Tay is awesome!

Melissa H said...

Pink parties are so much fun! Having a girl is a challenge with all the emotions, but getting to play with them is so worth it!!