Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ashton is 5 months!

Today my sweet baby is 5 months old! He is just the happiest and calmest baby. We are so in love with this guy! He is in the grabbing stage and putting everything in his mouth. He is also experimenting with his voice and he does this really funny sigh when he is sleepy. Ashton can now roll from back to front and front to back but doesn't do it very often because is usually content to lay on the floor and play with toys. I love this picture of him- it makes me smile! Heather Humphreys did an awesome job taking pictures of the kids. I'll post them soon!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tay turns 3!

On June 22th my baby girl turned 3! We threw a "pink party" for her and her uncle Tom (who also celebrates a June birthday). We had pink cups, plates, balloons, cupcakes, etc. She wore a special crown and pink feather boa while party attendants wore sparkly crowns too. It was a special day for a special girl!
This is a classic picture of she spends most days partially naked. One afternoon I found her quietly playing in Grandma Rhonda's kitchen. She was wearing her undies, my skirt, a baby teether for a crown and was pushing a truck around on the tile floor. I love this little girl!

Cherry Festival- Emmet Idaho

I finally made it to Emmett's Cherry Festival. It only took me 28 years to do it! While there we saw several of my cousins and their children, a couple of fun performances in the park's bandshell, enjoyed other festival delights.....the kids had their very first corn dog and Tay experienced her very first carnival ride!

BMX Race

I have a budding BMX er. As most of you know, Carter loves to ride his bike and he is REALLY good at it. A couple of weeks ago, we went to a local race track to watch a BMX race. Carter LOVED it. Hopefully before we head back to Virginia, Carter will have the opportunity to participate in a couple of races himself.

A New Tradition

After Ashton was born, I finally decided to let Carter stop taking naps (for the most part). Instead of sleeping, he has quiet time with me. I read a chapter book out loud while he draws, plays quietly, or just snuggles in to me. So far we have read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Peter Pan, The Lion, Witch, & the Wardrobe, Charlotte's Web, and Babe the Gallant Pig. Our new tradition has temporarily gone on hiatus while we are in Idaho but I look forward to starting it up again when we get home.

Roomy Reunion

A few of my dearest friends and I met up for a roommate reunion in Salt Lake City Utah. These beautiful women are an integral part of who I am today. I am so grateful to call them friends!

The original Casa Dea 17 ladies...(Corinne, Lisa, Cambrea, & Kim)

Our circle expands....Kim, Sunny, Corinne, Lisa, Emily, & Jessica!

I had a great time visiting with these girls! We shopped, ate yummy food, and stayed up late reminiscing. I can't wait to see them all again!

Our Great American Adventure Part I

Yes, I did the unthinkable. I drove from northern Virginia to Boise Idaho (roughly 2500 miles) with a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 3 month old….by myself.  Here we are ready to leave...

So how did the trip go? It went exactly how I thought it would go…the first day went pretty smoothly. It was the first day so every one was excited for the big trip. The second day went fairly well too. The third day was the longest leg of the trip- from Des Moines Iowa to Cheyenne Wyoming. It was the day we wanted to turn around and go home. I knew it would happen. Treats, new movies, and even my best stories couldn’t keep them occupied. We were all bored and tired of being in the car. We were tired of EACH OTHER. The fourth day was from Cheyenne to Salt Lake City. The first hour from Cheyenne to Laramie was beautiful. We saw tons of antelope that day but the truck drivers were pretty aggressive. Once we arrived in SLC we drove around Temple Square and then to our hotel. We stayed two nights and met up with some friends. It was a really fun and much needed reunion. We also stopped for a couple of hours to see cousins in Farr West on our way to Idaho.

How did I do it? I planned in advance and packed very well. Drew took the day before my trip off and watched the kids while I got organized and packed. My friend Shellie made these cool organizer things so the kids had crayons, books, toys, etc. within reach. Each day Carter & Tay got to open wrapped gifts (thank you to all that contributed to my stash). The gifts included books, toys, treats, new movies, and coloring activities. When kids were fighting or crying or whining, I would throw things like gum or lollipops or licorice or junk snacks…er’ fruit snacks at them. We also stopped A LOT. Between my claustrophobic and newly potty-trained toddler and my nursed on demand 3 month old, many breaks were needed through the day. At rest stops we would pull out our activity bag that included a soccer ball, frisbees, and bubbles. We stayed at hotels with continental breakfasts and ate out of our cooler for lunch and snacks. We also stopped for happy meals a couple times for dinner.
Am I crazy? Well, if I wasn’t when I left, I am now! LOL! Taylor did cry for a good part of each day because of her car seat issues but other than that the trip really went well. And I really couldn’t have done it with out Carter. Carter was VERY helpful with Ashton and Tay. Had he been any younger I am not sure I could have done it because I really did rely on him, every day, all day.

So now that I am here, am I glad I did it? Absolutely! Am I ready to do it again? Nope!
Carter watching trains pass in Cheyenne Wyoming.

We made one piece!

Preschool Graduation

Carter graduated from preschool on May 19th. He and his little buddies were adorable during the ceremony. They did the pledge of allegiance, sang a few songs, and received their diplomas up on stage. I am so proud of Carter. Between last years preschool in our home and this year, he has become such a big boy.
Carter & Miss Laurette

Easter 2009

Our little Easter Bunnies!