Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adjusting to Baby "Brudder"

Many of you know I was a little (ok, A LOT) worried about how Tay would do after Ashton was born. Well, these pictures are a great illustration of how Tay handled the first few months after Ashton's arrival...
On this particular day, Tay and Ashton and I had just come home from dropping Carter off at preschool. Tay was mad (like screaming mad) that I wouldn't carry her up the stairs. So while she was screaming bloody murder down stairs, I carried Ashton to the third floor, nursed him, changed him, and put him to bed. When I finally came down to make Tay a snack and giver her some snuggle time, I found her sleeping on the kitchen floor. She had managed to kick her shoes off but was still wearing her coat and was clutching her baby doll. My poor little Tay had cried herself to sleep. It is hard not being the baby any more.

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Hannah said...

So sad! This brings back memories of when Aaron was born...I hope she's doing better!