Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow Day

We finally had a snow day a couple of weeks ago. The snow only lasted a day and unfortunately there wasn't enough to go sledding. We did have a good time eating snow, making snow prints with our boots, shoveling snow, and making snow angels..

Tay's favorite snow day activity was definitely eating snow. She wouldn't stop and it wasn't long before she had both mittens being stuffed into her mouth.

Carter of course was just thrilled to be outside. He was my helper shoveling the driveway. He also made several impressive pathways through the neighbors driveways as well.

His current favorite color is orange. Good thing I hung onto this fleece hat from my college days. He loves it!

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Anonymous said...

Carter certainly is growing up. He's getting bigger with every picture that I see of him. How funny that he would love orange, just like his mama did.
Love You Grandma R