Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Babymoon or Week from Hell?

Well, our little guy is over a week old. I can't believe it! The first few days after he was born were great (if you take a way the constant crying and tantrums from a certain Miss Tay). We were all enjoying the new little life that joined our family. Sometimes things are to good to be true. Tuesday night Carter starting getting sick...the flu (the mild version thankfully). Not good- especially when he passes it to his Mommy a couple of days later. Having the flu right after having a baby is a nightmare! Luckily, we have been taken care of with delicious meals from friends, church members, and the neighborhood moms group. Drew has only only had to make a meal a few times. The left overs have been particularly helpful to me. On days when I feel like I can drag my sickly body downstairs, all I have to do is pop something in the microwave and then slink back upstairs to eat it. My fever has stayed constant around 103 F. but peaked yesterday at 104.5 F. Thankfully today I feel much better but I am still hanging out in bed. Drew has been run ragged trying to care for all of us and keep our home in order. I am praying that Taylor, Drew, and our little guy stay healthy. Drew had planned to go back to work yesterday but I was in no shape to care for myself, a newborn, crazy girl, and sickly brother. He stayed home again today but has to go back tomorrow. Hopefully I can will my body back to normal by tomorrow at 8 a.m. when he needs to leave. Carter is feeling much better- he just has the sniffles and his appetite is coming back.

I already feel mothers guilt over the loss of our "babymoon". With the exception of the first few days, I feel like we have totally missed out on our newborns most precious time on earth. Nothing can replace the first week. We haven't taken many pictures, he hasn't had his foot prints done, he hasn't had his first bath, and oh ya...he still doesn't have a name! I think we have decided on a first name but I'll leave you all in suspense for a little bit longer...

So in addition to having the flu, Carter woke up last Thursday with leg cramps. They were very painful and probably very scary, and by the morning he decided that he couldn't use his legs. So Drew has been carrying him up and down the stairs, helping him go to the bathroom, etc. for the past several days. Yesterday he started crawling on his hands and knees to get around. Since he already missed preschool last week, we didn't want him to miss it again today but he was still refusing to walk as of last night.

So we did what any good parent does (no not really). We told him that he either needed to start walking or he had to go to the doctor to have his legs "checked". After a lot of tears and a phone call to Kaiser, Carter had an appointment for this morning. Our plan worked! The doctor actually was sick and the office called and canceled the appointment before we had to. Miraculously, Carter started walking again this morning. He is still afraid to put weight on his flat feet so he is walking on his tippy toes but at least he is walking! Poor guy- I am sure his "charlie horses" really did hurt him but oh the drama of an already stressful week.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Introducing "Tummy Baby"

"Tummy Baby" Hilton was born at home (our second planned home birth) this morning at 3:26 a.m. He weighs 8 pounds 11 ounces, is 21 inches long, and has one big noggin! No wonder I was huge this time around!!! The birth was a lot of hard work but we are all doing great. Our Chunky Monkey is a very sleepy baby but nursing well. Carter and Tay were excited to meet their new brother when they woke up this morning. We are grateful to have 3 happy and healthy kids!

p.s. No name yet.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope your day of love is wonderful! I've had enough of planning and decided not to do any thing special for my family today- lame, I know. I did bring home Wendy's though! I think that made Carter and Tay happy. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Due Date Day

This post is for my mom who has been asking me constantly to take a picture of my belly. I wish I had a bunch of "belly" shots from the past few months but today was the first day I've taken a picture. Technically, Carter took it. I set the camera up on the counter and showed him what to do. Not bad for a 5 year old! At least you can sort of see my belly! Mom, this is me at 40 weeks.

This shot is better evidence of my hugeness. I am already discouraged about losing my baby weight and I haven't even had the baby. I am seriously 20 pounds heavier now than when Tay was born. Yikes! Trust me, the top picture is fooling you. I pretty much wear Drew's pajama pants all day unless I have to go somewhere. His pants and a big ol' t-shirt are the only things that are comfortable at this point. Today we went to the library and a woman said "woa, you must be due any day". Um, yep I am!

My pregnancy ticker now says I have a 1 day old. As nice as that sounds, Tay woke up this morning with a runny nose and cough. She seemed fine all day but since putting her to bed tonight, I've been called into her room at least 10 times. She is miserable and her skin is hot to the touch. Drew's been complaining of a sore throat too. Here we go again!

Snow Day

We finally had a snow day a couple of weeks ago. The snow only lasted a day and unfortunately there wasn't enough to go sledding. We did have a good time eating snow, making snow prints with our boots, shoveling snow, and making snow angels..

Tay's favorite snow day activity was definitely eating snow. She wouldn't stop and it wasn't long before she had both mittens being stuffed into her mouth.

Carter of course was just thrilled to be outside. He was my helper shoveling the driveway. He also made several impressive pathways through the neighbors driveways as well.

His current favorite color is orange. Good thing I hung onto this fleece hat from my college days. He loves it!

All about Carter

I can't believe how fast this kiddo is growing up. It is strange to think that he is actually 5 years old! I am thankful he is such a happy guy. He has an awesome personality that I hope he never outgrows. Carter loves preschool and recently has become quite interested in numbers. His favorite part of preschool is playing outside or gym class with Ms. Carol (he loves dodge ball!). His teachers tell me he is pretty popular and a good listener. Carter is also a good helper at home. I have enjoyed preparing for the upcoming birth with him. Last week he helped me make a bunch of freezer meals as my "master mixer" and "master spoon licker". He is also a very helpful brother to Taylor (most of the time). We just love this guy!

Taylor the Midwife

Taylor has become quite proficient in checking heart tones with my fetoscope. Here is my little midwife in training...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pregancy Ticker & Other Randomness

Does anyone know what happens to the pregnancy ticker when you go past your estimated due date? I am asking because I have no clue. In this awful day and age where woman literally sign up to have their babies (I am sorry- that is such a backwards and wrong concept to me but that is for another blog), I am not sure I've ever seen a blog ticker go past a due date! I guess we shall see in a few days...I am 99.9% confident that this baby isn't budging any time soon. I must have created an exceptional hide out in there this time around! Way to go me!

Carter wants the baby to come soon so he can start eating all of the "treat" waffles that are in the freezer. Last week he and I made some chocolate chip waffles for when I don't feel like making meals and he's been checking the freezer at least once a day to make sure they are still there. I sure hope he gets to start eating them soon!

Taylor has been really exhausting these days. She is waking up at night and throwing the worst temper tantrums during the day. Here is a good story for you all...the other day we were at a favorite thrift store and she demanded I carry her through the store. Well, if I had more energy and didn't have a massive 5th appendage being carried on the front of me, sure I would have loved to carry her through the store. But since she had already declined riding in the stroller and the store doesn't have shopping carts, she was stuck walking....after 5 minutes of whining to be held, she ran off (the store is pretty small so I knew right where she was-no worries), laid down on her back like she was making snow angels and proceeded to yell at the top of her lungs "go way" over and over again. Lovely.

Another Tay story....on Saturday we had beautiful weather and the kids played out side for a few hours but alas it was finally time to come in to eat. I was finishing up dinner when I hear hysterical screaming coming up the stairs. It was Taylor. Drew was carrying her and I thought she must have cracked her head open or something equally painful- it was THAT type of crying. But no blood was to be found, she was just mad that she had to come inside. Carter affectionately calls her "sassy girl" and I would have to agree with him. But with each toddler tantrum comes at least five moments of sweetness from her. And like with Carter, I actually really like the 2 year old phase. 2 year olds are just hilarious! I should probably start writing up some of the funny things she does :).

Friday, February 06, 2009

My Lunch Time Surprise

A few days ago my visiting teaching companion (who is a SAINT) called and asked if I could be at one of our teachees houses at 12:00 today. I told her no problem. I figured we were going for a visiting teaching appointment. Well I arrived to find friends from church and a yummy lunch prepared. Not only that but at another friend's house around the corner were two husbands who were watched all of our kids....on a work day! Talk about awesome husbands! After a delicious lunch, I received a pedicure (thank you Erica!) and got to open up wonderful baby gifts! Some of them were even handmade!! I just about bawled my eyes out while the food was being blessed and not because I am a very due hormonal pregnant mama but because I was so touched by their thoughtfulness. It just felt so nice to have this little baby and my new motherhood responsibilities celebrated like when Carter and Tay were soon to arrive. I am so grateful for the ladies who put my little luncheon together. My spirits were boosted, my tummy fed, and my toes polished...now I can have this baby!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

"Mom, You Have a Rash"

This is what Carter said to me when my midwife was checking the baby's heart beat this week....nope it turns out that I am no longer a manatee sized mama but infact a much larger marine animal. My "rash" is really just a bunch of new stretch marks under my belly that I can't see. Thank you baby #3 and all of the glorious weight gain you have brought to my body. We are seriously going to have a talk after you are born.

At least Carter let the cat out of the bag and I won't be standing in horror front of my mirror after the baby is born looking at the parts of my tummy that I can't see now. Well, that is not true....I'll still probably stand there in horror, but probably not as long now that I have a heads up. Thanks Carter! What would I do without you!

Stake Conference

Our Stake (area congregation) held Stake Conference this weekend. It was awesome! All of the speakers did such a great job, especially my favorite...Elder Dallin H. Oaks! Yep, we had an apostle of the Lord visit us. During the adult Saturday night session, he was really funny and laid back and didn't really speak on one topic- he made lots of comments and shared stories based on what the other speakers had spoken about. It was the first time in years that I got to go to the adult session. Drew always gets invited to play the organ and so I have to stay home with the kids. Well, this time his mom agreed to watch the kids so we could both go. (Thanks Heidi!) Drew in the end stayed home though and he really missed out! It felt so good to be there, even with my big ol' pregnant bum falling as sleep on a hard gym chair and with an elderly lady in front of me with very BIG hair that I could barely see around.

Taylor and I went to the Sunday morning session together. We got there super early but still didn't manage to get a soft seat. You have to understand that we live in an area with tons of church members. Our ward alone has almost 700 people in it (probably 400 of which attend regularly)- so even with two Sunday sessions of Conference, it was packed! Taylor behaved pretty well considering it was a 2 hour session but by the time Elder Oaks got up to talk, she was done. It was still a great session though- the temple president spoke as well as several other area authorities. The choir was awesome too- powerful and moving. Drew's cousin's husband (did you follow that?) was the director- he did a great job. Anyway, just a great spiritual boost that I needed before baby #3 comes along.