Thursday, January 22, 2009

37 Weeks & Going Strong

I am 37 weeks today and just enjoyed a prenatal massage. It was lovely. Tomorrow I have another chiro appointment that I am thrilled about because the stinker inside of me decided to turn to my right side. I am confident that weekly visits will keep my pelvis open and lined up correctly so that this baby has room to turn. At my midwife appointment today, he/she was ROA which means his/her's back and bum were snuggled in on my right side. I am pretty sure it happened last night because while I was up with Tay I felt lots of little kicks and jabs on my left. Most people think that "as long as the head is down" you're good- well that is a big fat lie that OB's like to tell their mamas. For a straight forward birth you really want your baby's back on the left side of your tummy. Carter was posterior up until a few hours before he was born- and it was a very long process to get him to move so that I could move past 7 cm (that is why I had a doula and why I am a doula!). Tay liked to tease me and she flipped flopped every week from ROA to LOA until she was born. Luckily she was in a great position for labor and birth. For this baby, I have tons of time and know many ways to help this little baby to flip back over. I am still feeling great physically so I am sure I will have this baby in a few weeks rather than sooner. I am to the point though that I really need my space mentally. I have already told a couple of people that I do not want any contact with them until after the birth. Of course they were anything but mature about it but hey- I am the one growing and having this baby! I have to do what is best for me and my pregnancy. I love being a grown up!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trouble is Already Brewing

I just came upstairs to help put the kids to bed and found Drew and the kids lying on the floor watching old home videos from when Tay was a baby. I snuggled up to Tay so that I could watch too but she pushed on my tummy and said "Go way, Tummy Baby" (translation: go away, baby).

Oh dear.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

36 Week Update

Well, I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant. I am doing pretty well considering I am the size of a mammoth. Ok, maybe more like the size of a manatee (and less graceful for sure!).

Let’s just say I am 10 + pounds heavier now than I was at 39 weeks when Tay was born… and I am still growing! I don’t really mind how I look because frankly I don’t have to look at myself all day long but I do feel very squishy. Grrr. I am measuring right on for how far a long I am but since my tummy never grew more than 34 inches with Tay… I feel like my tummy is going to explode at any second. This is pretty much how I felt when I was pregnant with Carter….so I am 99% sure we’re having another boy (or a REALLY chunky baby girl). Luckily, I am not super uncomfortable at this point, which is a blessing…but I do have a few more weeks to go hopefully (yes, you did read it correctly... I did say hopefully).

Although I am big and and will soon be uncomfortable, I have to count my blessings…I don’t have to deal with most of the complaints many other women do. For example, I’ve never had heart burn with my pregnancies. I’ve never had swollen fingers or feet (just a swollen tummy and chubbier cheeks and thighs). I don’t really get stretch marks either. The ones I do get mostly fade away after the baby is born. And so on and so on.

So right now, I am mostly tired and grumpy and feeling big. This pregnancy has mostly been challenging emotionally (in addition to throwing up 30 times a day for months) but I am looking forward to the birth and seeing how the kids respond to having “Tummy Baby” here. Carter will no doubt be awesome and adjust easily to the baby like he did when Tay was born. I am not so sure about Tay though. Lately she is has been extra clingy, whiney, and rather demanding. Maybe is is just her age but the closer we get to the birth, the more she pretends to be a baby (i.e. demanding we spoon feed her, carry her, etc.). Hopefully, she’ll love “Tummy Baby” and be sweet and kind and cute…herself again.

So for now I am trying really hard to keep the house in order as well as finish up little projects that I know I won’t touch for a couple of months after the baby is born. I am really happy with myself though- I got the garage reorganized and swept last week and freecycled a bunch of stuff we aren’t using. I love when I am in purge mode! Hopefully my need to “nest” will rub off on Drew and he’ll clean the carpets for me!