Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was super fun! Carter and Tay were both Spiderman and just adorable. I just love that Tay wanted to be what Carter was! We headed out with my dear friend Kelly and her three cuties. We pushed the kids in the stroller over to the single family houses and from there they ran from house to house.

Tay wasn't sure what to think of it all until after the third house or so. Then she was running as fast as she could to keep up with Carter. Tay would get so excited at each door that she would mix up all the words we had practiced. Instead of saying "trick or treat" and "thank you", she would say "thank you, icky eat". She also insisted going up and down all the house steps herself, even after she was tired and had two little wobbly legs. Carter was just so happy to be out and about. He is such a people person. I don't think he stopped smiling until it was bed time.

After their treat bags were full, we headed back to our house for yummy apple-raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream. Between the candy, pie, and ice cream, our sweet tooths were very sore! Luckily during the night, we had a Halloween spirit (the Switch Witch) visit out house and exchange all the candy for yummy cinnamon rolls. The kids were happy for the cinnamon rolls and I was happy the candy battle ended before it started.

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