Thursday, November 20, 2008

Carter turns 5!

Happy Birthday Carter! I can't believe my baby is 5 years old today. Carter started off the special day with a trip to a local donut shop for a special breakfast treat with Daddy. After which, he was off to preschool with birthday treats to share with his friends. Since you can only bring store bought treats on birthdays (school allergy policy) we went shopping the day before and Carter perused the grocery store's bakery. We looked at cupcakes, cookies, banana bread, etc. But Carter finally decided on batman fruit snacks! We don't regularly buy junk snacks (that's what we call them) so taking them to share with his friends was a big deal. Carter's class sang happy birthday to him and he was presented with a birthday crown. His teacher was very proud of his very original birthday treat idea and I have to agree- what a funny kid!

After preschool Carter gave me a birthday 5 year old took a nap! Ok, so that is a normal occurrence at our house but it made me stop and reflect a little. Oh how I appreciate my Carter! There are so many reasons he was meant to be our first child!

Drew came home from work early and we celebrated his birthday with a few neighborhood friends and his pal Zoe from church. We played a few games, played with toys, bashed a pinata, and ate birthday cake. Carter requested a motorcycle cake so this is what Tay and I came up with- it is supposed to be motorcycles driving up boulders and dirt. I didn't have chocolate frosting so it didn't turn out like I was hoping it would. Oh well! The crushed oreos were well worth it!

We opened gifts in the evening and Carter was in heaven! He was very enthusiastic about all of his gifts. Tay, on the other hand, was not. She didn't quite understand that it wasn't her birthday too. Here is Carter trying out his new "soldier gun". As you can see, Tay has already shed some tears at this point. We finally got out her squirt gun from the summer so she could have a "soldier gun" too.


Melissa H said...

I think that cake is awesome! I would have never thought of that! I have decided that sometimes its not worth all the hassle to do the decorated cakes. The last few cakes I have done have been a large cookie in a cookie sheet, and brownies--I think I am getting lazy!

Kimberly said...

Love the motorcycle cake!