Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Girl Bed & Baby Yuck

Tay's becoming such a big girl. In October we moved her into a big girl bed and the transition went beautifully. I was a little surprised because for weeks Drew and I would talk about it and she would get really upset...she just loved her bed (the crib). Since the new baby will be in our room anyway for a while, we weren't in a hurry to move her out, especially if it meant ruining a good thing...a happily sleeping toddler. Anyway, I thought we should at least start rehearsing for when the change would be made. Well one day I was curious how she would react if I took one of the horizontal crib sides off, making her little IKEA crib like a toddler bed. She thought it was great! So after a week or so I took the entire crib down and put it away. And again, she did great! Over the course of two weeks (including the week in her "toddler bed") she only woke up a few times during the night and never got out of her bed during nap times. In fact now she sleeps even better in her twin bed at night because she has more room to wiggle around and stretch out.

We also got rid of her pacifier which she called her "baby yuck" (there is a really good story behind that name by the way). This was a little trickier! Like Carter, when Tay turned 2 (way back in June) we clipped the tip off her pacifier so that she couldn't suck on it as well. Over a few days, little by little, we clipped a little more until it was no longer usable. After that she would hold it in her cute little hand when it was time to sleep. Back in the middle of September, Carter was helping me clean out a closet when he found one of Tay's pacifiers that had been misplaced before the ceremonial pacifier clipping month of June. Carter immediately took it to his little sister as if he had found a lost diamond. She was ecstatic and he was very proud of himself. She immediately put in her mouth and was on cloud nine. We decided to let her have it for a couple of weeks for naps and bedtime again. It just wasn't a battle that I wanted to fight- not yet at least. Finally in October, after the transition into her big girl bed was complete, we again clipped the "baby yuck". Fhew! It actually went pretty smoothly and instead of holding a broken pacifier, Tay now sleeps with several of her babies, stuffed animals and a favorite blankie. I really need to take a picture- it is hilarious.

The only thing left is potty training and she will officially be a big girl!

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Jaimee said...

Boy, I'm glad you had an easier time with the switch to a toddler bed than we did! Dayton was a nightmare, but he climbed out of his crib and fell down to the floor so we had to move him before he was quite ready for it.

It's so fun watching them get bigger and realizing they are kids instead of babies suddenly.