Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Upgrading Bikes

I've had a lot of people ask ... so yes, I did upgrade bikes some time ago. Not that I didn't like the old bike -- it was great. But the sports bikes were definitely calling my name. The ironic thing is, I feel much safer on the sports bike than on the cruiser. I know, I know... but hear me out on this one. Compared with the cruiser I had, it's much heavier ... so the wind (think speeds over 50 mph) and passing trucks don't blow me back & forth in my lane like would happen to me on the other bike. Both brakes are hydrolics-operated, so I can stop much quicker (the cruiser had a drum brake on the back wheel). The acceleration, obviously, is much better ... so I can get out of the way of people easier. It's also a lot louder, so more people are aware I'm in front of / behind / next to them. And the turning ability is simply incredible ... I lean, and I'm there. Took Jeff on a ride last weekend around the neighborhood ... ya, he gives it two thumbs up ... and if Jeff gives it two thumbs up, you know it's good to go (Jeff's my 14-year old brother, for those who don't know).

Anyway, so I LOVE this bike. It's a Yamaha R6, for those of you who know your sports bikes. Thankfully the weather here has been absolutely phenomenal (80's today in mid October), so I've been able to ride quite a bit. So here are a few pics for the curious. Sorry the lighting isn't great, but thank you Photoshop for adding a little help in that department.

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