Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Update on Taylor Tot

Oh my, where do I even begin with this little girl? She is definitely 2! Talk about sugar and spice- fire and ice! She has become the most stubborn little toddler there ever was. I can’t even describe to you all the fireworks that can come out of her little frame. Her favorite thing to do is yell at or try to boss around Carter which as you can imagine doesn’t go over well with a soon to be 5 year old! There is no amount of redirecting, distracting, song singing, positive momminess, etc. that can help her out of a full-blown tantrum- NOTHING but waiting it out works. No that is not true- having Daddy around is usually helpful- so if my little whistling Pete goes off any time after 6:30 or on the weekend, its all good. Serenity now!

But the other part of being two years old is being absolutely adorable and a lot of fun, and Tay is both. While the first two weeks of Carter being at preschool were rather tough (I couldn’t wait for him to come home each day because Tay was a complete mess without him), we are now enjoying our time alone together. I try really hard to balance running errands and picking up the house with pure Mommy and Tay time. It is easy to forget what your kids are like until they are by themselves. Tay is such a funny and clever little girl. I am really grateful for this special time we have together each week. I am discovering new things about her all the time. The funniest is how she wants to play with Carter’s special toys since he is not home to get mad at her or take them away. So instead of playing with her babies she can usually be found playing with motorcycles and race cars.

She always wears her backpack when we drop Carter off at preschool.

Silliness with Carter

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