Wednesday, October 15, 2008

September: First Day of School Preschool

This year Carter is attending our community preschool two mornings a week. When we attended the open house to meet his teachers and classmates, he was surprisingly shy. Carter shy? Yes, I know it is hard to imagine. But on the first day of preschool Carter was excited and got up extra early to get ready. But right before it was time to get in the car, he decided it would be more fun to stay home and ride his bike. That’s the Carter I know! He doesn’t talk a lot about his mornings at preschool but I am confident that he is having a good time in Ms. Laurette’s class. I have noticed some great changes in Carter since school started and really happy that we made the decision to sign him up for the lottery at Arcola…. all of the preschools are on a lottery system here…you pay the deposit and cross your fingers that your child gets a spot.

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