Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saying Goodbye

We finally had to say goodbye to a couple of favorite toys at our house. Carter has had his firetruck since he was 20 months or so and Tay got her "Tay mobile" last year for Christmas from Santa. These little cars have been tons of fun for our kids, especially since we have an entire level of hardwood floors. They were the only solution to making dinner without someone whining or standing at my feet. But in the past few months they both broke down and were no longer safe. So a couple of weeks ago we ALL said our goodbyes and when the kids weren't looking, I snuck them down to the trash can. The kids have gotten over them but I don't think I have. Making dinner will never be the same again!

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Anonymous said...

What does Tay race down the sidewalk on now? Love all of the new information and pictures. Makes me homesick for you, Drew and the kids. Grandma Rhonda