Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Primary Program 2008

This year’s primary program was awesome! My visiting teaching companion is the primary president and she and her presidency did a wonderful job of putting it together. The theme of the program was “I am a Child of God”. This year Carter is in the CTR-5 class (Choose the Right & 5 for five year olds). Their part in the program was to stand up to the microphone with a picture they drew of something they are grateful and say “I am grateful for __________”. Some of the kids in his class did great, others were too shy and the teacher spoke for them. Carter stood up at the pulpit with a huge smile on his face, picture in hand, and froze. Because he had a giant grin plastered across his face, his teacher thought he was going start talking. After whispering in his ear what he needed to say for the third time and Carter still standing there smiling and holding his picture, Sister Neaufer finally said into the microphone “I am grateful for my motorcycle”. Maybe you had to be there but it was hilarious. Everyone in the audience was smiling back at him and I had several people come up to me afterwards and say that his happy face was the highlight of the program. All week long we reminded him not to talk too loud, too soft, or too silly into the microphone. I never thought he would freeze!

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Amy said...

That is so cute! How funny! Our primary program is next Sunday, I can't wait for Cali to do her part. Should be interesting since she thinks she has it memorized but gets all the words mixed up:)