Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playing Outside, Our Carter Dilemma

We feel very blessed to live on a street with lots of little kids that Carter has fun with. They ride bikes together, play with balls, run around, and make lots of noise. Let’s just say our street is hopping around 4:00 p.m. when school is out. The only problem is that most of the neighbor kids are all allowed to play outside by themselves and I am usually the only mom who comes out to supervise. I have on many occasions been the peacemaker for childhood arguments, or the mom who carries someone home who has an ouchie. Sometimes I am the referee when kids are not playing fair or the one who tells the kids to get out of the street when a car is coming through really fast. Normally I sit in a camping chair with a book to read or play with Tay. Sometimes I’ll sweep out our garage or vacuum the car. I try to blend into the background so to speak so Carter can be himself and just play without me hovering. So on days when I am feeling like garbage or trying to keep the house clean, Carter has to stay inside. Needless to say, it makes us both miserable. I could probably get a lot more done or get some rest if he was outside. But I am just not comfortable with him outside without a grown up around. Kids need to be outside just like they need water and food but we don’t really have a yard he spread his wings in. We live in a townhouse so we have two-car garage/driveway instead! Our backyard is tiny- the size of my kitchen. Carter is so much happier and obedient when he has had enough “outside time” as we call it. How does that quote go? Some thing like “Put a kid in the wild, and you take the wild out of the kid”. Very true I tell you. Needless to say, we are very frustrated with what to do. Any thoughts?


Jaimee said...

We have that problem too...I think Duncan is the only one of his friends that isn't allowed to be out front on his own. I think it's because all of his friends are the youngest in their families, so rules are different for them. It is frustrating! Sorry I'm no help for a solution.

ej said...

ugh, we had that problem at our townhouse too. It isn't really fair for you to always be the only mom out there either. Any YW near by who might be willing to come over and supervise a couple afternoons a week maybe for service or for a couple bucks???

erin said...

Wow, Corrine, you have updated A LOT since I last looked! Congrats on being pregnant again, but I'm sorry it makes you so sick!
Your kids are too cute and I love Tay's hair in pigtails! I'll be shipping your key fob in the mail today!