Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Land of the Living

Yes, we are alive for all of you who thought our family dropped off the face of the earth. I have finally updated our blog with some posts and pictures about our last few months. It may make more sense to scroll down all the way to July and read from there. Anyway, blogging just hasn’t been a priority for me. Sorry to keep you all in suspense (not that our lives are that exciting anyway)! We hope you are enjoying the fall! October is our favorite month here in Virginia so we are loving the cool weather and beautiful scenery.

*Just a disclaimer on all of the pictures...we are having battery issues with our good camera so most of the pictures posted from this summer and fall are from our back up camera. I guess what matters is that we have pictures, not necessarily the quality of them. ☺


Tabatabaei family said...

So glad to see all the new stuff on your blog! I laughed for 5 minutes straight when I read the naked baby funeral story--that was good stuff.

We may end up in Virginia if Behrad's job works out with the FBI. Hopefully we can come visit you if Behrad goes to training.

How are you feeling? Hope all is well.

The Tufts said...

So glad to hear that you are back and to catch up. You're kids are darling and hysterical and I hope someday that I can meet them.

A huge congratulations on your good news! You are seriously made of some strong stuff.