Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Pictures

Carter at the county fair on his first ride and Tay sucking down a giant slushy!

Tay loved riding the merrry-go-round!

Carter and his hamster, Hammy.

Tay loves to draw. Here she is at IHOP in Virginia Beach.

Here are two pictures of Tay after naps. She is slow to wake up and can be
rather grumpy on some days. It usually takes some mommy magic,
a baby or two, and food for her to come around.

Carter and our neighbor, Neil. Don't you love his "motorcyle" gloves and sunglasses?!

I am so glad these two play as much as they do.


Amy said...

Your kids are so cute! How fun. They seem like they have a ton of energy (just like my kiddos:) That slushy looked really good!

Hannah said...

Tay looks totally cute after her naps to me...but I know how the grumpy thing goes. Erica can be the same way. That giant slushie is awesome! When do you want to have a play date??

ej said...

Whoa. When did Taylor turn into a little girl! Her hair is so cute! Love the pic of Carter and Hammy took so cute.