Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Funny Taylor Story

Drew’s grandma passed away in August (see below) and a memorial service was held for her in Virginia although she was buried in Arizona. I decided to wear nice slacks to the service instead of Sunday dress since after all- it was a memorial service, not sacrament meeting (you should have seen the disapproving looks I got!). So there I was, probably looking a little green from feeling sick, wearing pants, with my extremely tired kids (it was way past their bed time) when Tay leaked through her diaper…her jumper dress and onesie were wet and I didn’t have a change of clothes for her. Tay doesn’t like being wet and I knew it wouldn’t be too long before she would be pulling at her clothes and whining (or kicking and screaming). Drew was busy playing the organ for the meeting and the piano for the special musical numbers. With help from Grandma Heidi, I was doing my best to keep the kids happy and quiet. With the exception of a 4 year old second cousin to Drew, who spent the entire meeting in the hall, my children were the only little kids present. Ok- just setting the scene for you all! So what is a mom to do? I quickly laid her down on the bench, changed her diaper at warp speed and with only the skill a mother knows, slipped off her onesie without even taking her jumper off. Fhew! I am good! But not good enough because Tay then decides that if she can’t wear the onesie, she can’t wear ANYTHING. A tantrum ensued…. and I decided to pick my battle. So there I was, in a front pew of the chapel, many spectators behind us, with the only kids in a very quiet grown up setting and my very blond little, wild haired (her unhappiness for barrettes or anything hair related deserves its own post), naked 2 year old is squealing with delight because she had “won”. Even after taking her to the foyer, no amount of convincing would get an article of clothing back onto her little 22 pound body. Luckily I found the experience funnier than I did stressful. It reminded me of the time at church when Carter was literally doing summersaults across the bench we were sitting on while I had my hands full with a fussy newborn. It was definitely one of those times when I wished I had more arms. Why does Drew always seem to be playing the organ when things like this tend to occur? ☺


Amy said...

As I was reading this I was just feeling your pain because I have so many of the same experiences with my kids too!! But I am very impressed how well you changed her so quickly!

Hannah said...

I guess that's what you get for marrying a talented man! ha ha! I'm so glad that you let her be probably added some nice light to a sobering event. It would have gotten me to smile!!