Wednesday, October 15, 2008

August: Virginia Beach

Our little family headed down to Virginia Beach at the end of August. The trip was literally 48 hours from the time we left our house to the time we pulled back into the driveway. We stayed at a hotel that was right on the beach- actually every room there was ocean side. Carter and Tay loved waking up and watching boats pass by in the morning. At night they would go out on the balcony in their pj’s and watch the nightlife on the boardwalk until bedtime. We also went to an aquarium where we saw sharks, sea turtles and even pet stingrays. On one rainy afternoon we toured the deck of the USS Wisconsin, a retired battle ship from WWII and walked through a historic naval museum (which Carter calls the pirate ship museum).

As for the actual beach…the kids just loved it! Tay was a little apprehensive of walking in the sand at first but it didn’t take long before she was chasing “ducks” (seagulls) and throwing sand. Carter brought a front-end loader and big dump truck and when he wasn’t running around in the surf, he stayed pretty busy playing in the sand. It ended up being rather stormy on the days we were there…the waves were choppy and it was overcast most of the time. On the bright side though, we never needed our beach umbrella, the temperature was just perfect, and the sand was never hot! Another plus that we couldn’t have planned better, was the huge playground in the sand right next to our hotel and the boardwalk. Since Tay couldn’t get enough of the “wee” (slide), Drew would watch her play while Carter and I were just a few hundred feet down the beach playing in the water. Overall, everyone had a great time and the kids were really well behaved (except the time when Carter chucked a dirty diaper off of our 6th floor balcony- boys!).

My favorite things about going to the beach are the expressions on my kids’ faces each year when they see the water for the first time. Or when Carter starts to giggle when he feels sand between his toes and the first wave hits is legs. Although our trip was quick, we made many wonderful memories this year. We can’t wait for next year!

Why do little boys like to roll in sand?

Carter and the gunners. He was a little nervous until we explained they were broken.

Making armpit noises on the boardwalk for all to enjoy.

Tay is shivering like crazy and Carter wants me to leave him alone so he can play.

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