Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Old Ouchies & New

As Drew was gathering the kids up to come inside for bed, Carter decided to take one last lap or “turn” as he calls it, on his bike. But the "turn" turned into a tumble. Since no one saw the fall, we aren’t exactly sure what happened but he had a nice gash on his chin and a big raspberry on his arm. Drew scooped him up and brought him inside. He immediately asked for his blanky (it was bedtime after all) and I held him on my lap. The Kaiser advice nurse wanted us to bring him in but of course the urgent care center is 45 minutes a way in Falls Church. I got Carter buckled in his car seat while Drew finished up on the phone when we realized Taylor was missing! In all of the craziness, she had disappeared. I ran in the house to look for her and then back out into the driveway to look down the street. Carter was still crying in his car seat but I heard another little one crying…Taylor. She was upset that she couldn’t go bye bye too! While I was in the house looking for her, she had climbed in the open car door and into her car seat all by her self. She kept saying “owie” over and over again. I think she was upset for Carter. I put her to bed and Drew took Carter to have his chin glued back together. When Carter got home he told me about his night, “I almost cried my head off and I got an ice cream cone!” So at 4 1⁄2 Carter already has the traditional Hilton chin scar like all of his uncles.
These pictures were taken a few days after he was fixed up.
It looked pretty yucky the first night. Poor guy!

Next I would like to go back in time to a warm morning in May to a day we call Tooth Day. This was the day that Tay had her broken tooth pulled. Because Taylor had to be totally out (IV sedation) she had to fast for 12 hours before hand. This was going to be tricky because I was still nursing her when she woke up at night and in the morning. Luckily she actually slept in and we had to wake her up...she had no idea what was coming. We told her that she got to go bye bye with Daddy and she was ecstatic! She immediately found her pacifier, two of her babies, and her shoes. She was ready! We decided it would be best if Drew took her to her appointment. I didn't think I could handle it emotionally and it was my last day of preschool anyway. I didn't have the heart to cancel our last field trip. Carter wouldn't have forgiven me which would have made the day that much harder for everyone.

Here she is talking on Daddy's cell phone in the waiting room at the dentist's office. She was the youngest of all the kids who were going to be knocked out so she got to go first. I'll spare you the details of how it all went down but Drew said it was a very upsetting experience for him and Tay. Both the knocking out and the waking up were very traumatic for all involved. The rest of the day wasn't very fun either. Not only was it hard to look at her little mouth with her front tooth missing, she was totally out of it for many hours. The sedation for her was more on the extreme side of the bell curve I think. I am also pretty sure she wasn't a fan of having a bloody mouth for a couple of days. She said "uck" (yuck) a lot. It is totally bazaar to me that people do this to their kids on a regular basis for their normal dental work. I suppose with older kids it probably isn't so bad but sheesh!
Here is Tay trying to eat her first meal post sedation (8 hours later, mind you). She was starving but still totally out of it and very wobbly. I had to stand right next to her so she wouldn't fall off her booster. She didn't think strawberry jello was very yummy after all.

So Tay is officially our little pumpkin...especially now that she has a pumpkin smile. Her little gums were pretty sensitive for a while but now she is a happy girl- no more tooth aches!


Jaimee said...

Boy, isn't medical stuff fun. Dayton has already had to have stitches twice and it was horrendous. Carter sure seems like he was brave though - what a tough guy. A little ice cream makes anything feel better.

Melissa H said...

I remember doing the same thing for Daniel, at about the same age too! Not fun for either side, but definitely worth it.

Lisa O said...

With two boys, I'm sure an ER trip is bound to happen for us someday. Thankfully, I have Brock who has the stomach for it. I got queasy just looking at these chin pictures. And poor Tay, I still feel so bad for her! I hope they both got lots of 'all better Mama kisses!'

erin said...

Ouch! Poor kids, they look so miserable! I'm glad they are both recovering, that must have been difficult!