Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fourth of July

Our plans for the fourth changed sort of last minute but luckily we were able to regroup and plan something for the kids. We brought some ice cream cones, watermelon and fireworks over to the Hilton’s house for the 4th. We were glad that at least uncle Dave was home to share the night with us! Carter wasn’t as impressed this year with the fireworks we bought but he did love the sparklers, as did Tay. She did really well with them but would get frustrated with the one she was holding burned out. Sugar, fire, staying up late- what more can kids ask for!

Sparklers time! Of course, Tay insisted that she hold her ice cream cone in one
hand and the sparkler in the other. That's my girl!
After remembering how loud fireworks were last year, Carter asked for ear muffs again.
Well, the Hilton's don't have guns but they do have a chainsaw, so Carter wore their chainsaw helmet- the ear muff's were built in. Carter didn't seem to mind.

More ice cream for Tay. She was quite a sticky girl by the end of the night. Between her treats and taking bites from the rest of us, I am surprised she didn't get a massive tummy ache.


Leslie said...

Cori, love all the posts! That is so sad about Carter's chin and Tay's tooth! Poor kids!
We are so excited to be coming back into town and can't wait to see you guys. Hopefully we can do some regular hanging out!

Melissa H said...

My kids don't like the noise either, but we were pretty lame and tried to see them in our backyard--it didn't work very well so we'll have to have a new plan next year!

ej said...

Love the ear protection! Go Carter!