Monday, July 07, 2008

End of the School Year

My preschool finally ended in May. Overall it was a good year and I am glad I taught out of our home. It gave our week routine, Carter enjoyed having his friends over for activities, and Tay loved having the younger kids over once a week. Thankfully, she took morning naps most days up until the year was over which made things much easier on me. I have to say though that between keeping toys clean, creating lesson plans, making calendars and projects ahead of time, and then cleaning up afterwards each day…it was a lot of work! All of the kids were great though. By the end of the year I really felt like I knew their little personalities well, especially the older kids.

Here is a picture of Carter and his buddies on our second to last field trip.

Carter also attended Freedom High preschool this year. It is a program where high school students teach the preschoolers simple lessons and activities, they get a snack, and play out side on the playground. Parents were invited for the last day of class. The high school students prepared a slide show of pictures taken throughout the year, the preschoolers were given awards (Carter got Most Athletic), they had a yummy spread of snack foods, and a clown performed magic tricks. Ms. Amanda was by far his favorite teacher. He was always happy when she was around.

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Melissa H said...

Yay for preschool! Kaylee starts this fall and she has her "open house" next weekend!