Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!

I can't believe our baby girl is two years old today! Tay has become quite the funny girl. She is learning new words every day and loves to do things by herself. I think my favorite new word of hers is flip flop which sounds like “wi wop”. She loves wearing her “wi wops” which are actually her little pink crocs. She loves her baby dolls and always has to have one sleep in the crib with her. Tay also LOVES to ride her “bi” (bike) with Carter. She also has a place in her heart for motorcycles, copying her brother, drinking her yogurt with a straw, and "tookies" (cookies). Her favorite thing in the world is when Daddy takes naps with her. When I lay down with her she just plays and gets silly but when Drew sleeps with her, she snuggles right into his chest and is out. And is if she wakes up before he does, she’ll just lay there and play quietly. It is very sweet.

Although she looks like a chunky girl to me, she is still not on the charts for weight but is now 4% for height. She is growing according to her own curve and is a smart little cookie so we're not worried. Some people just come smaller than others I suppose. This picture was taken just a couple of days before her birthday.

For her birthday, we kept the day very simple. I was feeling under the weather so Drew took care of everything. He made her pancakes with "wur up" (syrup) for breakfast, took her and Carter for a long walk, gave her tons of watermelon (another Tay favorite), and of course took a nap with her. Taylor is a lover if ice cream so instead of having cake and ice cream, we just put two candles in a big scoop of peanut butter cup ice cream and she was in heaven. Oh how we love our Tay!