Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Little "Fixer Boy"

Carter is such a funny little boy. He is always up to something. When he was smaller and Drew would get frustrated with him for getting into mischief I would find myself telling Drew "he's just curious". Now when Carter gets into trouble and I am scolding him he simply says, "Mom, I am just being curious...".

We have been finding ants in our master bathroom (which I totally don't understand because there isn't any food in there and it is on the third floor!). Anyway, I showed Carter how to squish ants and so he put himeself in charge of the situation. He came in my room this morning, wearing only his pajama bottoms- no shirt. I didn't even have time to inquire as to where his shirt went before he told me "some worker men don't wear shirts". He is right about that- on hot days the construction workers in our subdivision don't wear shirts. It is funny the things four year olds take note of. So there he was, no shirt, construction hat on, several tools tucked into his shorts around his waist, and tool box in hand. He told me that he needed to find out where the ants were coming from so he could "fix the problem." So he went about fixing the problem- whenever he saw an ant he would squish it with a tool. Oh brother- what a boy!

Here are some pictures from last week when he decided to fix our very unbroken sink. He took everything out of the cabinet and went to work. I think this time he was "fixing pipes".


Kimberly said...

I need Carter here to squish my ants! Every spring for the last 4 years, I've had about 2 weeks of ant invasion... and I'm talking about those big black ants. I have no idea where they come from. Thankfully I've only had a couple really bad days... most days I usually only kill about 3-4 ants. I think my two weeks is about up, so I'm looking forward to an ant free home!

Emily said...

I love the hard hat. I think I would be more brave around spiders with a bright yellow hat. Your Carter looks tough and focused. Very reassuring.

Hannah said...

I love this post! The pictures of him fixing the sink are just too wonderful. And I love how he will now say, "Mom, I'm just being curious." Kids are so smart!

On a side note: How weird that you have ants upstairs...that is a mystery!

Melissa H said...

Okay, I am sure this is not the point of your blog, but how do you keep your cabinets so free and clean? I must have too much junk!!