Sunday, April 06, 2008

March: Spring Break

This year spring break actually felt like spring break. I am not sure if that is because I got a week off of preschool, birth work, etc. or if it was because we had family in town. Either way, it was great! Drew's brother Vince and his cute family as well as his Grandma and Grandpa Firl were all in town for spring break and Easter.

Our time together was fun filled. The kids decorated sugar cookies and easter eggs, rode bikes, played uncle Jeff's wii, hunted for easter eggs in the Hilton’s back yard, ate their easter treats, ran around the Air & Space Museum and just played together.

Other great memories from our time together included eating lots of yummy food (that I didn't have to prepare), a double date with Vince and Melissa, catching up with the Firl's, a wonderful easter concert on the resurrection of Christ, some guitar strumming by Steve and Vince, and an afternoon ride on rented motorcycles by Drew and Vince. Check out Vince & Melissa’s blog for fun pictures from their visit. Melissa took a really cute picture of Carter and Daniel sitting in the cock pit of an airplane as well as pictures of our boys on their bikes (and by boys I mean Drew and Vince)!

Below are some pictures from the week….

Daniel, Carter, Matthew, & Kaylee decorating cookies at our house.

Carter wearing Drew's motorcyle helmet. He woudn't take it off!

Drew on his rented bike.

Tay hunting for eggs.

Carter discovering that there is candy inside the eggs!

Taylor and cousin Ashely searching for eggs together. Aren't they adorable!


Kimberly said...

Looks like a fun spring break! Drew - that bike looks good on you :-) I'm planning on buying a new bike this month... a Harley Sportster!

Jeff Kennedy said...

When did Jonathan turn into such a tough guy? His picture at the top of the blog showing off the big guns? a Motorcycle? Next thing you know, he is going to want to become an Ultimate Fighter and try his hand in the octagon.

Melissa H said...

We definitely had a fun vacation! Yeah for cousins!

Kelly said...

Love the pics! So, did the biker jacket come with the bike rental or does he wear that all the time to look like a street tough?