Sunday, April 06, 2008

Flash Back: Sledding Fun!

We only had one chance to go sledding this year. I was a little worried that Carter wouldn't get to use his sled that he got from Santa because we've had a pretty warm winter. Of course the day it finally snowed enough to sled, Tay had a cold....but we took her anyway. Some times getting out of the house when you're not feeling well is the best medicine!

We went to a small hill in our neighborhood. I didn't think Carter was going to be able to walk through the snow and up the hill but he was a trooper (not to mention very excited). It took a few runs to get the snow packed down enough to go fast. Carter loved it! It wasn't long before Tay was feeling left out and wanted to go down the hill as well. We took turns going with her but I think next year she'll insist on doing it her self.
While waiting her turn to sled, Tay enjoyed a delicious afternoon snack of freshly fallen snow. I love that she is wearing Carter's old snow gear (minus the purple hat and mittens of course).

Carter on his super disk!

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Kimberly said...

Carter sure would have gotten a lot of use out of his sled if you lived in Boise. We got TONS of snow this year!