Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Conversation with Taylor

The following is a conversation Taylor and I had this morning after she came upstairs.

Tay: Hi (also waving at me)
Mom: Did you eat breakfast?
Tay: Ya
Mom: What did you eat?
Tay: Mo mo
Mom: More of what?
Tay: Bo
Mom: Bowl? You ate breakfast?
Tay: Uh huh
Mom: Oh good
Tay: Daya wa wa
Mom: and Daddy got you a drink?
Tay: Ya

So there you have it...a typical conversation between Tay and I. She grunts. I interpret.


The Bells said...

What amazes me about communicating with kids, is how easy it is to understand them because you try to use all of their verbal and nonverbal cues to discern what they're trying to say -- and you try to see it all from their point of view. If only I could do that with my wife!

Hannah said...

I love conversations like this! What's funny is that I'm to the point where Erica's words seem like clear English to me, but other people may have no idea what she is saying. I forget that her language isn't as clear for them as it is for me!

Melissa H said...

Some would think that was frustrating, but I can't wait to get to that point--past the unrecognizable grunts!!

Anonymous said...

..absolutely hysterical !! i miss you guys!!! dad

Lisa O said...

He, he. I'm grateful for a conversation with YOU yesterday!

Angie said...

That is so cute! It's great that you recorded it, too. What a treasured memory.