Tuesday, January 29, 2008

President Hinckley

Our dear President Hinckley passed away on Sunday night. It is as though I have lost a dear friend. His passing is both bitter and sweet-bitter to lose his humor, love, and devotion to the gospel and sweet that he is now reunited with his beloved wife. He will forever have a tender place in my heart, and the words he has spoken change my life time and time again. It was during his time as a prophet that I gained my testimony.

After I found out, I called Carter in to tell him. I explained that he died and that his spirit went to live with Heavenly Father again. Whenever we talk about bodies not working any more and spirits going to Heaven- he still gets a little confused (but sometimes the conversations are rather funny to be honest). Anyway, I explained that sometimes our bodies just get really old and tired and they stop working and that was the case with President Hinckley. A few minutes later Carter very sweetly asked "Mom...did bad guys get him?" I am pretty sure President Hinckley would have thought that it was as funny as I did.


Hannah said...

Children always have a way of adding some needed "light" to a sad or somber situation. What would we do without them? I agree, president hinckley would have laughed :)

Liz said...

Hi Corinne!
Thanks for the comment on our blog- I do remember you. It was fun to look through your blog as well. You have darling kids! It's good to know you live pretty close- now I know to keep my eye out when we're at the temple! We seem to run into a lot of people there.

Erica said...

Yes, I think that those in Heaven often laugh at the sweet comments children make.

I felt a bitter-sweetness the day President Hinckley passed away, too. I wasn't surprised, but it just caught me off guard and, like you said, I felt like I had lost a dear friend. He was amazing. I remember Spencer W. Kimball as a child and then President Hinckley as an adult. I felt such a huge loss that day, but it's so wonderful that the church doesn't fall apart, that there is a system set up and that the church goes on...