Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cabin Fever

I wish I had it together enough to be posting pictures today since I really need to but no- I am just sitting back reading blogs and totally waisting my time at the computer while the kids nap. The dishes are piled up, I haven't cleaned up from preschool this morning, I have books and paperwork all over the kitchen table and all over my bed that need to be organized, I have a big pile of clean clothes to fold and an even bigger pile of dirty clothes to wash, etc., etc., etc. but yet here I sit at the computer. I think I have come to realize that my house will always be at least sort of messy (if not very messy) and I am mostly ok with that. At the end of the day cleaning and organizing aren't my top priorities- learning new things, working on my "projects", reading books with Carter, and playing with Tay simply beat out dusting the piano or decorating my house. That said- I still would love to have a clean and beautiful home. Hmm. I am not sure where the balance is for me but I know I haven't found it. Drew has been asking for paint colors for months now so that he can start painting the interior of our house. I feel like I make millions of decisions every day for our family, preschool, birth stuff & community stuff, my church responsibilities, (bla bla bla) that having to make those decisions (like temporarily permanent paint colors) is a total total turn off and very overwhelming might I add. Oh how I wish it were warm out side- then I wouldn't even be thinking about this! I would be planning my next outing with the kids. Having a messy and undecorated house is much easier to handle when you aren't home to look at it :).


Kimberly said...

I would way rather read people's blogs than clean my house! That's why I'm sitting at my computer right now... procrastinating :-) Anyway, if you still don't have paint on your walls when I come visit, I'd be happy to help pick out some colors and help decorate!

Kirk said...

That's what you have Carter for...he's supposed to pick the colors and do the painting, right? I mean, he's gonna do it on his own anyways so you might as well just give the whole project over to him. He's sweet and he'll do a fantastic job. I'm sure of it! What more could you ask for? =]

Hannah said...

Hi Corinne, I found your blog through the Holmgrens. Hope you don't mind!

I think all mothers are seeking for that "perfect" balance between enjoying life and still having some organization. Let me know if you find out the secret!

I'm terrible about deciding between paint swatches. I know once the color is up if I like it, but it is hard for me to envision it before hand. Good luck!!

BTW, our blog is if you want another way to procrastinate! See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Corinne--I'm right there with you. Dont' worry. I've finally come to accept that the house (and whatever needs to be done to it) will still be here tomorrow, but my kids will be one day older tomorrow and I don't want to miss any of it. Hang in there!!!

love you-Sarah

Cambrea said...

I'm sure my dish pile is higher than your dish pile! There are just some things in life that are more important than having a spotless, picturesque home. I figure, the day in my life will come when I will have the time/energy to keep a perfect home, but by then, my babies will be gone and I don't want to wish away my time with them.

Erica said...

I think many of us procrastinate and temporarily "escape" into the world of blogs. I love reading other people's blogs, but I do find that it can be discouraging, too--all the fun things people are doing, the smiling kids, accomplishments, etc. Not a lot of people take pictures of their laundry room with clothes piled up or their children yelling and screaming at each other, or their dirty bathrooms! I know I don't!

Hey, Shelly and I need to come over and help you paint! I think it will help you feel more relaxed while at home!