Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas Day Festivities

Let's begin with the rest of Christmas eve...Tay woke up vomiting around 11:00 p.m. We cleaned her up and snuggled her a bit. She didn't have a fever but was shaking a lot! We finally got her back to sleep but she was up a few more times during the night. By morning she seemed fine but was tired and pretty clingy for a few hours.

Christmas morning was really fun with Carter again this year. Bright and early (like any normal day :), he came in our room very excited. Tay was up with in minutes of hearing Carter's excitement. Drew went down first to turn on the video camera and the kids and I followed. Carter was surprised to find that Santa had moved our Christmas tree during the night! "I didn't hear him" he said sadly. Drew and I decided it might be more fun to open Christmas presents in the "preschool" room on a soft rug rather than the hardwoods in the kitchen area. Anyway, Carter loved all of his gifts and opening them was especially fun. He opened most of Tay's, Drew's, and my gifts as well :). Drew and I were really excited to see what Tay would be like on Christmas morning. She wasn't very interested after all with opening gifts. In fact she would get upset if we tore the wrapping paper and would try to put it back together again. Once Carter opened her gifts however, she enjoyed them. Overall it was a great morning with a few special memories. Thank you to all of our family and friends for the generous gifts!

We spent a few hours at Drew's parents house during lunch time. It was fun to spend a little more time with uncle Rob and uncle Kirk before they headed back to college. It was also very neat for Drew to talk to his brother Dave on the phone from his church mission in Mexico.

When the kids finally got grouchy and were ready for naps, we jumped in the car for a family drive. Both Tay and Carter immediately fell asleep in the car. Drew and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas drive together but before long I started getting the chills. We returned home when the kids woke up and I headed straight for bed. I had whatever Tay the night before! I felt pretty bad for Drew because he had planned on going back over the Hilton's to watch a movie with his brothers. But he stayed home because I ended up sleeping for the rest of Christmas afternoon and into the evening. Thank you for taking care of me, Drew! My "bug" lasted a little longer than Tay's did but by the middle of the next day was I was fine as well.

Here Carter is opening up a gift and Tay is going to town on a bag of gold fish crackers that Santa put in her stocking.

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