Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas (Eve)

We spent Chrismtas Eve at the Hilton's house. Grandma Heidi made a delicious feast, the uncles entertained my kids and Grandpa Steve planned a lovely devotional. After our tummies were stuffed and our spirits were lifted, we drove through a couple of neighborhoods to see Chrismtmas lights.

When we got home Carter helped me put out some cookies and egg nog for Santa, as well as a handful of carrot sticks for Rudolph. Carter was pretty excited for Santa to come...I am pretty sure he did't fall asleep until after 9:30 pm. He came out of his room at least twice to tell me that he was going listen for Santa so he could come down and say "hi". Here are a few pictures from the evening as well as a picture of Carter sitting on Santa's lap at our church Christmas party a couple of weeks previous.

Kirk playing some dinner prelude music, Grandpa Steve on the guitar during the Christmas devotional, and Carter playing with grandma's vacuum.

Little Tay getting into some mischief and here is a picture of Drew and I.

Carter on Santa's lap...asking for a sled & crane. Carter even brought Santa a "candy bar" (it was really a chocolate chip granola bar) but hey-the thought counts! Very thoughtful, Carter! We didn't push our luck with Tay this year. She wouldn't let us put her down any where Santa.

We hope your Christmas is wonderful! Drew took this entire week off....we can't wait to spend time with him and hopefully we'll be a little productive as well.

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ej said...

So sorry you and Taylor were sick!!! :( I think it is so cute that Taylor tried to put the wrapping paper back on her presents, too cute.