Monday, December 17, 2007

Carter & Tay at Play

Here is my sweet Tay with such a happy smile. I think she looks like Drew in this picture. She is talking more and more these days but her favorite things to say are "eeeee" (please) and "dah doo" (thank you). It is very cute! I am sure it is only time before she is saying "no" and "mine".

Carter is whipping up something delicious in our pretend kitchen area. It is fun to watch him play with his preschool buddies. The two older kids have really helped his imagination. Their favorite thing to do during play time is pretend they are animals....pets....usually puppies. Taylor even pretends to be a doggy from time to time.

Carter is acting silly (of course!) and Tay's giving him a "you're crazy" look. Hilarious! Most of the time they play together pretty well. I love walking in on Carter trying to "teach" her something. I am glad they are not closer in age...I would really be in trouble! Who knows what Carter would have her doing.


Kimberly said...

I love the top picture of Taylor - she looks so happy!

Lisa O said...

Your play kitchen area looks like so much fun, and Carter looks so tall in the bottom picture! What adorable happy kiddos you have!

ej said...

Taylor is a shorty compared to Carter, or maybe it is an illusion because his arms are up- she looks like a little pixie next to him.