Monday, December 17, 2007

First Snow of the Winter

It finally snowed a couple of weeks ago. It only lasted a couple of days but it did stick! I think Carter was ready to shovel as soon as the sun rose. I promised him that we would go out and play in it as soon as preschool was over. He couldn't wait and put on his snow boots and coat, found a kitchen spoon and some little trucks and went to work on the balcony. Drew got a picture on his camera and I'll have him post it soon. Anyway, as soon as preschool was over we went out to shovel.

Carter would shovel all day if I let him!

Tay didn't last as long outside as Carter did.

But she did like watching the snow fall from inside!


Lynette said...

So cute!

Kimberly said...

We don't have snow like that in Boise yet, but Carter is welcome to come shovel at my house whenever he wants :-)

Lisa O said...

I think Carter would have been buried in the storm that we just got. At least we'll have a white Christmas this year!

Jroo said...

i love the pig tails on tay ... very adorable