Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Taking pictures of my kids can be very frustrating for me. Carter is easy...he always has a big happy smile ready for the camera. Taylor is a whole other story. It is nearly impossible for her to cooperate for pictures. Here's our attempt at Christmas pictures this year...

We're off to a terrible start...Tay is mad and I forgot to cut the tag off of Carter's new clothes!
The one and only real smile from Tay...she is actually saying "please" for a snack.

Here's our second attempt...after Tay's nap. I think she was even grouchier and here come the fireworks from Carter as well!

Poor Carter. He is always so good for pictures but this time Tay and I have worn him out.

As soon as I took her Christmas dress off and her blanky was in hand...she was a happy girl.


Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness, look at that face! These pictures will be fun memories. Glad you had an enjoyable Christmas and glad you're feeling better!

ej said...

The impossibilities of family pictures! I feel for ya- though I did have to laugh at the attempts, they are almost more fun to see than a prim and proper pic. We have one when Kohen was two where he is smiling but doing the sign for 'more' treats. Classic. Whatever works right?

Jaimee said...

I can completely sympathize with the picture attempts! Just wait until there are 3...Duncan smiles so hard his eyes are pretty much shut and Dayton won't stop trying to mess with Tucker. We probably took 20 pic on 2 differnet occasions and not a single one that has all three smiling normally. Oh well.