Monday, November 05, 2007

Fall Family Pictures

The University of Richmond campus is very beautiful. Being back last week brought back a flood of memories for me. When Carter was just a little guy I would take him for walks around the small lake on campus. He loved to feed the ducks and look for the snapping turtles that would swim up to the gazebo. We loved to meet Drew for lunch or dinner in the grassy area between the law school and the MBA building. Those were the days! While we were there to take "graduation" pictures we also snapped a few pictures of the kids.

Little Miss Tay

Don't you just love those big brown eyes!

Just the girls!

Trying to get the kids to smile got old so I thought I would
include a couple of "natural" smile pictures.

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Grandma Rhonda said...

Keep those pictures coming. It's nice that you could be together in Richmond. Love those smiles!