Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just Like Her Brother

Tay loves Carter and most of the time he is a pretty good brother to her. He does have a hard time sharing at times though. Last week Taylor started going into his bedroom closet and snatching a pair of underwear. At first, she just carried them around the house (and Carter was ok with that) but then she decided that she wanted to wear them as well. I put a pair on over her diaper and wondered what Carter would think. She toddled into the room that he was playing in and I waited for his reaction. To my surprise, his eyes lit up and he said, "look Mom, she wants to be just like me!" He was right, Tay likes to be just like her big brother. If she finds a pair of his undies she insists that I put them on her. . .so on some days she wears Thomas the Train undies under her clothes. One day she even wanted to wear a pair of his shorts- I put them on, tightened the draw string and smiled- they went down to her toesies.

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Grandma Rhonda said...

It must run in the family. I only wanted to wear Uncle Lonnie's clothes when I was a girl as well . . . and I got away with it until I was in junior high.