Monday, September 24, 2007

Our (very) Little Walker

I have been terrible at posting updates and pictures lately. Sorry! I guess preschool and birth related projects are keeping me a little preoccupied. Anyway, Taylor is walking! She took her first true step on July 24th and during the month of August really figured it out. I wouldn't say she can run yet but she definitely has two speeds- 1) toddle 2) Carter's coming (for better or worse). Just watching her walk will provoke a smile- she looks too small to be walking.

In August we took her to a new pediatrician who ran some blood tests and weighed her again. He said she is as healthy as can be- just small! So at 15 months and 17.6 pounds we are just going to keep on loving her and not stress about her weight. As Dr. B says, "sometimes small people are born to the earth!" (I personally love the fact that he is only 5'2'' and about 125 pounds, married to a small lady and has 2 small kids).

Tay is just a blond little doll. Oh how I love her!

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Emily said...

Cute. She sounds just darling. She does have a petite mama. I love your new heading to your blog by the way. You've inspired me to someday change the look of ours. I'm just waiting for some sort of creative idea.