Monday, September 24, 2007

No Training Wheels

I can't even believe it! Carter is not even four years old yet but he can ride his bike with NO training wheels! Wahoo! (Can you tell that I am excited or what?).

After returning from Boise at the end of July, Carter began telling us (very regularly) that he wanted to take his training wheels off. I was imagining skinned elbows and knees galor so I began a search for a "walking bike" like Carter and I had seen on Sesame Street last spring. I was very bummed when I realized that to order one of these great little european inventions online would be way too expensive.

About 8 weeks ago however, I randomly jumped on northern Virginia's craiglist and in the baby section someone had listed a brand new walking bike- only 10 minutes away from us and a great price. We quickly emailed them and picked it up a couple hours later. Drew put it together (it was still in the box) and immediately put Carter on it. He looked like a drunk person trying to push with his feet. It was hilarious! He couldn't balance at all! But after about a week of practicing his balance improved, and soon he was a crazy boy- zipping up and down the street and off the curb.

He loves riding his "wood bike" (yes, it actually is made of wood) with the big boys down the street because he can totally keep up with them- just by pushing with his feet. (If you are totally confused- a walking bike is a bike with no pedals, just two wheels). His favorite trick is going to the top of hills and coasting down with his feet in the air!

Drew has been telling me for a few weeks that he thought Carter was ready to take the training wheels off his regular bike. No way! Not my little Carter. . .

Drew came in the house on Saturday and told me to put my shoes on. I followed him out to the middle school track, around the corner from our house. There was Carter standing on the side of the track with his rocket ship helmet on and his big boy bike. . .no training wheels. Drew held the the handle bar for him, gave hime a push, and off he went. No wobbling or anything! He can even stop by himself without crashing. So after a few rounds on the track we went back to our house and video taped him. So cute! I think it will be a few weeks until he figures out how to start by himself, sp until then Drew or I will have to help him. Can you tell we are sooo proud?! I just about cried my eyes out as I watched him pedal around the track.

We figured out that our video camera has issues so we can't download videos yet. At first we thought it was just a matter of getting a new cord but there is actually something wrong with the camcorder. Once we figure it out, we'll post a video of our crazy Carter riding his "wood bike" and his "big boy bike".

Here is an example of what a "walking bike" looks like. We highly recommend them!


Kimberly said...

Cool - I've never seen a bike like that before! When you get your camcorder working, you should also post a video of your new little walker! :-)

kristie said...

This might be the answer to my 5-year-olds issue with bikes, a nice step in between- thanks! Oh! And congrats to Carter on his new talent! Wahoo is right!

Lynette said...

I want a bike like that!

Melissa H said...

I think we will have to try this with Matthew--who is 7 now! Ridiculous, but he still is fighting it because "it's too hard". Which means he didn't master it the first time he got on, so he is giving up forever! (He has issues with this)