Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Little Chef

We busted out our preschool chef clothes the other day. Carter loves to be my little helper in the kitchen- even if it is just a frozen veggie lasagna! His favorite job in the kitchen is actually mixing up lemonde. I think he requests a pitcher every day!

The second picture just cracks me up...I kept turning the camera to get a vertical picture but Carter thought that if he was going to be in it right side up, that he had to turn his face as well. I kept telling him to, "STAND UP Carter" and finally he said matter of factly, "Mom, I am going to be crooked in the picture." He cracks me up!


Melissa H said...

My kids' favorite thing is mixing the lemonade too! I think its because of my cool pitcher with the mixer in the lid.

Jess Ty and Tyler said...

That is so funny! The picture is cute when you first see it but its even cutter when you know why he is tilting his head! Funny boy!